3 Ways to Separate the Contenders From the Pretenders

Some mornings I’m overwhelmed.

I duck when I go to check my email. There are so many that I feel like they are going to come bursting through the screen.

Did I tell you I get overwhelmed?

Everyone wants to help me do better, be better and find the secret sauce to my very own personal success.

They all know the one true path.

I get overwhelmed.

It took awhile but I came up with something that separates the pretenders – those people who build huge email lists, use the law of attrition to make sales and don’t really care if you’re satisfied with their product or service. They’ll keep bloating their list so when you and I walk away shaking our heads someone will take our place.

They wouldn’t remember us if we were their next door neighbors.

The short version is they don’t much care. Wanna see my balance sheet? I’ll bet it’s bigger than yours!

Then, there are the contenders. They are the people who will tell you that they are not for everyone. They make no promises. Most of them have free or inexpensive services to start off with and then try to up sell you to something more thorough.

I’m gonna fight the urge to digress so start hollering if I go too far down the ole rabbit hole for too long.

Sales is not a dirty word. Neither is marketing or any of the terms that define them. Using them for evil purposes is. My suggestion is that you adopt a model like or similar to the one I use. Know | Like | Trust

We’re all in business to make money. It’s how we make that money that defines us.

Okay, back to our show.

Here are three things I use as a template to help me decide, as the CEO of my company, where I’m gong to invest my money.

They work well regardless what phase of your entrepreneurial journey you’re at.

Ask Questions

Wanna know the main reason we don’t ask more questions?

We don’t wanna look stupid.

Yeah really.

The guru or savior often speaks in a language that reminds us of the dialogue from Wayne’s World. We don’t understand. We wont ask questions because, I mean, they are an expert. Otherwise they wouldn’t have the fancy web site and blog and YouTube channel. We accept their word as gospel and hand over our money and when the hype doesn’t meet our expectations we blame ourselves because obviously the wouldn’t be the expert if their process didn’t work for everyone.

Know what I mean Vern?

So we write the check, make the transfer, or activate the old credit card and pretty soon we realize that what we purchased wasn’t what we were looking for.

At all.

But, rather than sit back and ask us what we might have done differently we immediately blame ourselves.

Do I need to go on?

True story.

A few weeks back I saw a FB add that interested me. So I responded to the posting with a series of questions. I noticed after a few days that more and more people were asking questions as well. They all got answered.

That’s all well and good John but I mean you can SAY anything.

Yup, ya can. Just hold on K? If you need the answer right now, skip the next section and read Trust Your Intuition.

If you don’t get the answers you’re looking for, no matter how famous the program is, it’s time to move on.

Sorta the soap and water of purchasing – Caveat Emptor. Let the buyer beware

Beware of Affiliate Marketing – Read the Fine Print

Did I ever tell you I was a tad bit naive? I am.

I used to believe that all of these six and seven figure coaches made their money coaching and writing books.

I found that they didn’t when I discovered what affiliate marketing programs are. I’ll give you the short version.

You have a product or service you want to market and sell but you are not only a CEO but a coach or trainer or whatever. You’re not going to gain any traction if you spend all your time working 1 to 1 or marketing on social media. So you approach me and ask me how large my email list is. (I’m devoting one future blog to the insanity email lists CAN create if you don’t use them properly.) Then you make me an offer I can’t refuse!

If I share your product or program with my community you’ll pay me a fee for every person that takes advantage of your offer. The larger my list, the more successful my business or practice, the more potential income that’s available to me. It’s known as passive income.

Here’s the catch:

I know many coaches who are credible and honest and all that good stuff we all started out being. They make the programs that work through affiliate marketing available to their email lists, but they’re not a condition of working with them as your coach.

Then you have the folks who make the things they’re marketing for someone else, a condition of being part of their process. You have to use certain pieces of software, or subscribes to a podcast or a Vlog.

It called double dipping.

Oh, their nothing illegal about it but I believe it’s more than just a bit unethical

Lets say I pay you to teach me how to change the oil in my car. Once we begin you give me an Oh by the way. You wont get anything out of this training unless you purchase XYZ

Just so happens that you’re an affiliate for XYZ. So I buy XYZ. Now I’ve paid you to teach you how to change my oil and you’re getting a kick back on the book you’re hawking.

Please note: this is a really simply explanation of affiliate marketing.

That’s why, I suggest if you skipped over my first point Ask Questions go back and read it!

Trust Your Intuition

What can I say.

The first three times I asked Joan out I spilled a beverage on her – Beer, iced tea and water. Great start, huh?

Midway through our second date I KNEW we were going to get married. Everything fit. Thank goodness she felt the same way and we are still together forty seven years, six children, four grandchildren, (soon to be seven grandchildren) and assorted pets later.

We were both twenty years old which meant legally we weren’t supposed to drink at our own wedding. I was a janitor and she was a nurses aid. We had a whole six months alone before she told me one afternoon our oldest was on his way.

Our intuition told us it was the right move.

You can read all the blogs, watch all the videos, ask all the questions and listen to all of the gurus, but in the end if feels right it’s right. If it don’t it ain’t.

Do you get the feeling we over complicate life at times?

People on both sides of our families said it wouldn’t last. It did.

So the next time you get ready to make a decision – Ask questions, read the fine print and trust your intuition.

That’s it for this week.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Lat week I said I was gonna give you five things. I only delivered three. I was able to say what I wanted to say in three points.

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