“This moment. That’s what really matters, you all!” ~SHB

My friend Sara went to be with the Lord on July 31, 2020. She’d lived and struggled with stage four breast cancer for a long time. But when the time came, it came suddenly. One night we were chatting on FB Messenger, the next she was gone.

Just like that! Poof.

The first time I met her was at my oldest son’s wedding. She and her husband James were checking into the hotel and he called out my name.

Sara, this is Papa J

She turned around to shake my hand and the first thing I noticed was the tee shirt she was wearing

Yes, these are fake. The real ones tried to kill me

(((I’m going to like this person))))

When my mom died a few years later she reached out, gave me her phone number and we talked for the better part of a dreary winter afternoon. She was intuitive and a bonafide emapth without all the “Hey look at me I’m an empath.”

She was a wife and partner and the mother of five in a blended family.

I asked her what value she saw in having a friend thirty years older than she was and she said You don’t treat me like I’m dying.

Sara was a thoughtful and honest person and it showed in her writing. I saved this post she shared a few weeks before she passed


It’s an annoyance most of times. Rushing to get out of the door, cursing traffic, nostrils flaring when you can’t find a parking spot. Time and moments when you wish you could just “time-out” of whatever it is in front of you. The thought of yet another surprise event you/family/kiddos MUST just go to.

Time. Time.Time slowly ticks second by second on that clock of life. And yet we as humans are so caught up with the nonsense in front of/around us. Calendars, appointments, alarms, punching the clock… Oh- but those seconds ticking away are truly what is making your life. It’s seconds turning into minutes turning into hours turning into days then months and years. Oh- how we get so lost on the timeline. Every second counts. Every minute counts. It ALL counts. Every single day. Make it worth it my friends!! Live it up with the best perspective and heart you can put forward!

Stuck in traffic? I bet you can find one of your favorite songs or a blast from the past that will make your ass smile!

Rushing? SLOW down! Stress is an enemy. Just go with the flow- you’ll enjoy whatever it is you feel rushed to get to way more!

Worrying about an upcoming event/future appointment/project? Well- worrying won’t make anything better!

Collect yourself and just breathe. Look around at THIS MOMENT. This moment. That’s what really matters you all! ~SHB

You got that one right my friend. The here, the now, is all that really matters.